How It Works

loudoun junk removal

  1. Onsite Appointment

    Give us a call at 703-973-6021 or email us for a free estimate or to schedule a time that is best for you for an on-site visit.

  2. Upfront Pricing

    We offer on-site FREE estimates. Loudoun Junk Removal will show up at your home or place of work, at the time you scheduled. You just point out what you want removed, or area you want cleared. We then will offer you a FREE estimate on taking care of everything. If the price you receive works for you, then we will get right to work! We always comes ready to work for you, at the time you've scheduled, so that you won't have to worry about scheduling for us to come out a second time. Also, we come with an empty truck so we can handle any job, no matter how big or small. It's all about making everything as hassle free as possible for our customers.

  3. Swift Junk Removal

    Once the price is set, just show us what to remove, and let us do the rest. When you hire Loudoun Junk Removal, your work is done. We don’t need you to bring any of your debris to the curb, outside, or anywhere for that matter; you don’t even need to have it all in a pile!

    Our crew will go in, around, or through anywhere to get the junk for you. We go in crawl spaces, attics, basements, backyards, or anywhere else in your home.

    There is not a single item that we won’t take; if you have any kind of household furniture, appliances or electronics, we will take it. If you have lawn and garden brush, debris, fallen limbs or trees, we take it. If you have paint, or any kind of hazardous material, we also take that!

    We take care of all our customers, and always put them first, by always being on time, always being respectful, always being clean-cut, and most of all, always having the best prices in town!

  4. Responsible Disposal and Recycling

    Once we leave, you can be assured that your junk will be properly filtered and sorted through and will be disposed of and/or recycled in an environmentally safe manner. After we leave your home or place of work with all your junk, we like for you to have peace of mind, knowing your junk will find a good home.

    salvation army logohabitat for humanityWe take all the necessary steps to remove, recycle or donate all the items we can. We are a locally owned and operated company. We take pride in donating items back into our community and helping our environment by recycling. Our entire crew was born and raised here, so giving back to the community is extra important for us, because this is our home.

    We recycle all your Junk that is metal, aluminum, plastic, cardboard, and also select home electronics. We donate any of your furniture, appliances, electronics, or clothing that are still in good enough shape. We even fix up certain items that have minimal damage in order to donate them.

    We save landfill space by recycling and donating all we can. We save room inside the landfills; there is no need in overfilling them with items others could use.